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Paths and forest tracks that head up towards the mountain, trails to ancient farmhouses (masi) or along the river to discover old trades and ancient water mills.

A territory to be discovered on foot, slowly, with excursions and treks of one-day or longer, where the natural environment holds a surprise around every corner.


Whoever fancies putting in a little effort to earn a plate of luganega sausage and polenta or canederli dumplings with alpine cheese... has come to the right place. The mountains in Alta Val di Cembra are crisscrossed by a dense network of forest tracks running above the village: kilometres of forest paths which can be discovered on mountain bike or, for the more self-indulgent, on an e-bike. You got a bike? Ride it then!


Our land's simple cuisine fuses the Mediterranean and Tyrolese cultures: at the Rifugio Potzmauer, the “El Casel dei Masi” inn or the village's restaurants, traditional Trentino dishes are served, such as polenta with luganega sausage or melted cheese, or the delicious tortel di patate (potato pancakes) with local cured meats and cheeses.


A wild, unpolluted environment, perfect for those who love to fish in peace and tranquillity. Brown trout and the rare marble trout swim in the waters of the Avisio River, which runs at the foot of the valley. The perfect spot, particularly for fly fishing. Find out more about our offer for fishing enthusiasts.


The end of summer in the Alta Val di Cembra woods is perfect for losing yourself picking mushrooms. Find out more about our special "Golden Mushroom" deal dedicated to anyone who loves mushroom picking or to people who just love to eat them.


The love for the countryside is palpable in the atmosphere on the small farms where abandoned farming fields are flourishing once again, following landscape preservation and biodiversity protection principles. Visit our territory's small biological farms.


If you are looking to immerse yourself in our territory, you can meet the people who live it as you stroll along the routes that tell its story. Interesting tours in the neighbouring towns head to the Castello di Segonzano (Segonzano Castle) and the Earth Pyramids, or to the museums and castles in the nearby city of Trento and to its enchanting historical city centre. And with the Trentino Guest Card, free for all our guests, you'll get an experienced-packed holiday!

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