Grumes and surrounding area

Rediscover the pleasure of “slowness” in the smallest Cittaslow town in the world


Grumes stands at an altitude of 850 m in the municipality of Altavalle, in Alta Val di Cembra. Just a stone's throw from Cavalese, Val di Fiemme's historical town, and 30 minutes from Trento.

It's a place to escape the chaos of day-to-day life, where the pace of life slows to a rural rhythm and mountain values are strong and deeply rooted.

Its diminutiveness (just 450 inhabitants) hasn't held this community back from finding a path to growth through the implementation of a sustainable tourism development project. The synergy between the local administration and numerous private citizens has led to the creation of Sviluppo Turistico Grumes (, a company with the aim of promoting the area and managing the facilities (in addition to the hostel there is a mountain lodge, a restaurant and inn, hiking trails...) created from the restoration of disused buildings and their transformation into high quality tourist facilities, respecting the environment through investment and a commitment to energy saving and the use of clean, renewable energy.

The Grumes Project

A project whose purpose is to rediscover and capitalise on the past with a view to developing for the future. Beginning with the restoration of the buildings, cultural and environmental heritage of Grumes's rural past to allow residents and guests to enjoy the territory responsibly and in harmony with the environment and with the area's identity. The aim is to revive the importance of the woods and of village life and bring back a sense of belonging and confidence in a future dedicated to the mountains.

Grumes Cittaslow

Grumes is a proud member of Cittaslow - the International network of Cities where Living is Good, a movement of cities around the world, set up in 1999 with the objective of broadening the Slow Food principles of “good, clean, and fair” to local communities and administrations by applying the food and drink concepts to everyday life. Grumes became a part of the network in November 2011 and is the smallest Cittaslow town in the world.

The Rete di Riserve Alta Val di Cembra-Avisio

Grumes is located in the heart of the Rete di Riserve Alta Val di Cembra-Avisio, a protected area established to protect Alta Val di Cembra's natural assets. The wild environment of the River Avisio, glacial peat bogs, beautiful woods and mountain habitat form a natural heritage that needs to be protected, in the context of the fundamental and collaborative relationship between nature and man which has been and always will be key to landscape transformation and maintenance.

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