Green hospitality

L’Ost fosters the gathering of different cultures and encourages the living of sustainable lifestyles.

We look to provide environmentally friendly management every day, with a commitment to following good energy and water saving practices, the use of eco-friendly detergents, careful waste separation processes and a preference for local produce.

L'Ost - Ostello di Grumes, is part of a wider project, called “Progetto Grumes” (Grumes Project) that, for over ten years, has been pursuing the objective of bringing social and economic growth to Grumes and Alta Val di Cembra - slowing down the depopulation of the village which, over the last century, has seen a 50% reduction in the number of residents - through the creation of jobs, the resurrection of the village as a place for enjoying a high quality of life, and the promotion of responsible environmental management and more sustainable tourism. Do you want to find out more? Click here




But in practice... what are we doing and what can you do?



The BioBono association

L'Ost - Ostello di Grumes is one of the founding partners of the “Associazione Culturale Bio Bono – Turismo e Agricoltura Contadina”, founded in September 2016 to unite 5 small farms and 3 environmentally focused tourist facilities, with the objective of developing common ideas and projects aimed at optimising the potential of local products, the environment and the rural biodiversity, adhering to a shared philosophy to operate as a close network and follow sustainable development principles. To this end, the association developed regulations to ensure that small farms, restaurants and tourist facilities actively and constantly respect the above-mentioned principles.

Download Bio Bono's articles of association and. (in Italian) and the rules and regulations for becoming a member (in Italian).

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